is an artificial intelligence project. But Alaaddin is not satisfied with this. It is a project created for the community. Anyone who wants can participate in this project. is a project that aims to provide benefits for everyone who supports and does not support it. Its primary purpose is to create a passive income source for its supporters. This passive income source will be diversified over time and distributed to the community in a completely decentralized manner.

To mention some revenue models, these can be listed as artificial intelligence tools, decentralized exchange (Swap), NTF creation commissions, NFT market area commissions, GEN NTFs handover commissions and launchpad. In addition, many more income models will be published in the process.

Let’s explain how these incomes are earned and how they will turn into passive income for the community.

Income Models and Distributions

AI tools
We will divide artificial intelligence tools into two based on Web2 and Web3.

Users will be able to use these artificial intelligence tools by creating a subscription. These subscription fees can be paid with credit cards and cryptocurrencies. The revenues obtained from this will cover all company expenses.

Users will be able to use these artificial intelligence tools only by paying with (Aldin) tokens. All (Aldin) tokens obtained here will be automatically burned and will not be put into circulation again.

Decentralized Exchange (Swap) Swap application currently only allows you to buy and sell tokens on the BNB network in a decentralized manner. In the future, buying and selling transactions will be possible via ETH, SOL and other networks. When Swap is used, it receives a commission of 5 per thousand on each transaction and these commissions are automatically transferred to the income pool (The income pool will be explained in detail towards the end of the article).

NFT Creator Commissions
If users wish, they will be able to convert the images they create from the Image creator or the images they obtain from elsewhere into NFT in exchange for 1 (Aldin) Token. They will be able to list these created NFTs in the NFT Market area. Tokens spent to create NFTs will be automatically burned and cannot be put into circulation again.

NFT Marketplace Commissions

Buying and Selling Commissions of NFTs

Launchpad Commissions

Income Pool

Last Update: 10 May 2024