is an artificial intelligence project. Its main purpose is to create passive income for the community by creating a completely decentralized network. contains many artificial intelligence tools. Examples include image creator, article generator, code generator, video generator, and audio generator.

With, all you have to do is imagine!

How The Works

  1. Simply explain what your content is about and adjust settings according to your needs.
  2. Simply input some basic information or keywords about your brand or product, and let our AI algorithms do the rest.
  3. View, edit or export your result with a few clicks. And you’re done!

Token Economics

Total Supply of $Aldin500.000.000Lockout Time
%10 Team50.000.000%5 TGE 1 Year (Monthly Dissolution)
%15 Pre-Sale75.000.000
%25 Public Sale125.000.000
%12,32 Liquidity61.562.5001 Year
%10 Marketing50.000.0006 Month (Monthly Dissolution)
%10 Cex Listing50.000.0001 Year (Monthly Dissolution)
%5 Airdrop25.000.000%5 TGE 1 Year (Monthly Dissolution)
%12,68 Staking63.437.500%5 TGE 1 Year (Monthly Dissolution)
Total Burned (%43,67)217.534.527Permanently

Problems and Solutions

As, let’s give a few examples here.

Problem-1: Long-Term Sustainability
The rapid development of artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies creates challenges for long-term sustainability. Ensuring that systems remain current, secure and adaptable to future developments requires ongoing research, development and maintenance.

In fact, what is called sustainability is a set of costs. No matter how costly the research and development is, it does not cause financial harm up to a point. However, in the future, system security vulnerabilities increase these costs. When the entire system is transferred to the blockchain network, there is no need for server maintenance and maintenance costs are reduced. Similarly, blockchain technology keeps the system safe and provides great benefits to maintainability.

Problem-2: Interoperability
Integrating AI and blockchain often requires the collaboration of different technologies and protocols. Ensuring seamless interoperability between various AI models and blockchain networks can be complex.

Our primary goal here is to develop artificial intelligence technology and produce solutions in certain areas, and then transfer these solutions to the blockchain system by writing certain protocols in the blockchain network. It is quite difficult to produce projects of this complexity.

Problem-3: Fees
Fees are quite high for projects created using artificial intelligence technology. The cost of a presentation file created with an artificial intelligence algorithm exceeds 10 dollars.

Since artificial intelligence technology is in constant and rapid development, employee costs can rise very high. However, when artificial intelligence technology is used in some areas, there is no need to constantly innovate in these areas. Thus, employee costs are almost eliminated. But today’s companies do not work this way, so service prices start at very high levels and stay there. We prevent this problem by combining artificial intelligence and Web 3.0 technologies. We aim to provide services at predictable costs that are accessible to everyone.

Last Update: 10 May 2024